A photoshoped image of this project's treemap visualization.

Treemap Visualization

A visualization of the highest-grossing movies using D3.js to generate an SVG graphic.

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A photoshopped representation of the results of this project's visualization, showing a blue-tinged map of the USA's counties' higher education levels.

Choropleth Map Visualization

An interactive map of higher education rates per USA county.

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A photoshopped screenshot of the visualization for this project, showing mean global land-mass temperatures per month since 1753.

Heat Map Visualization

An interactive visualization of global land-surface temperatures since 1753.

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A photoshopped representation of this project's scatterplot visualization.

Scatterplot Visualization

A graph showing doping allegations against the fastest climber’s at the Alpe d’Huez in the Tour de France.

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A photoshopped image of the bar chart I created for this freeCodeCamp project.

Bar Chart Visualization

A visualization of the United State’s GDP since 1947.

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A picture of this project's pomodoro timer.

Pomodoro Timer

An automatically looping timer to be used with the Pomodoro time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo.

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A photoshopped image of the drumpad that I designed and coded for this project.

Drum Machine

A drum pad that works with mouse clicks and keyboard presses.

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A composited picture showing postcard-shaped screenshots of different parts of this one-page product landing page project.

Product Landing Page

A simple one-page website for a fake company.

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