A piece of mushroom that I crushed under foot, leaving the print of my shoes on it.

Copy Writing. As Important as Coding Skills

A fellow –and very talented– copy writer sent me this fastcodesign article a good handful of weeks ago. I finally got around to reading it today since a few weeks of moving-induced limbo came to a close late last week when we touched down in Bristol, UK. Give it a read if you have a moment, it’s a short one. The obvious takeaway? Perhaps it’s: “A lot of times designers don’t know that words are important.

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A repeating pattern of hand-drawn Starbucks coffee cups. Original image (I think) by transparentt on Tumblr.

Discovering Axure through the course Mastering Axure RP 7: UX Design Prototyping

I’ve been poking about the edges of the world of UX/UI sketching, wireframing, and prototyping over the past few weeks and decided to take the plunge. After a bit of reading up, I chose to start playing with Axure RP and found a class on re-creating the key elements of Starbuck’s (old) website. It was a great class (it’s been replaced, see below) that starts with 8 theory videos and followed by a further 9 videos of practice work.

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