First Run in a Long Time

The view here in the French countryside. Green grass, nice skies, and cows.

Lars started running again and it inspired me to do so as well. I went for a short first run in order to be tender to my knee(s) and everything went swimmingly. The run felt good and the air was a bit cold so I ended up pushing harder than I thought, running an average 4:59 min/km pace over the 2.74km loop that I had picked.

Listening to Portuguese audio tapes during the run felt doubly good, and had me feeling excited about potentially making a move to Lisbon in the coming year. Fingers crossed.

Three of the four cats came out to greet me while I was cooling down, and they all promptly plopped down on the grass and gravel, putting a relaxed smile on my face at the end of the run.

I’m looking forward to the next one, especially with the views on offer here in the lush spring countryside of France.