A screenshot of my take on the stock price checker project for freeCodeCamp.

Stock Price Checker

An app that uses stock ticker symbols to report the stock’s price and its recorded number of ¨likes¨. The app also allows comparing two stocks to see their relative number of likes (i.e. which stock is most popular between the two, and by how much).

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A screenshot of the finished version of my Personal Library project.

Personal Library

A web app where users can add/remove book titles and also add and view comments to each of the books in the library.

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A photoshopped image of the calculator that I designed and coded for this project.

Build a Calculator

A pure CSS JavaScript calculator that works.

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A composited screenshot of the project showing the search bar and matching TwitchTV user results.

TwitchTV API User Activity

This web-app checks the status of various TwitchTV users and provides links to their streams if they are live.

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A photoshopped screenshot showing the app after doing a search for "Hubbl".

Wikipedia Viewer

A web-app that accesses Wikipedia and returns article summaries and links in response to a search.

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A photoshopped image showing the local weather app.

Local Weather

This web-app provides the user with local weather conditions based on their browser’s geolocation data.

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A photoshopped sample image of the quote generator, with a quote from Moby displayed.

Random Quote Generator

This web-app produces random design-themed quotes at the click of a button.

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